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Where I live (courtesy of anonymous person on Craigslist)

I would have defended marin 15-20 years ago as a place where people could enjoy a moderate pace, not too much traffic, a focus on quality of life and not quantity of goods owned. That's why I bought a house here. There was a real focus on environmental beauty, mind body and spiritual well-being. Sounds hippy-dippy, but it was nice then.
Cut to the new millenium: There has been an amazing influx of "new-money" that has taken over the neighborhoods, roads, and city and county governments which has made it a sickening shame. Neighbors are always coming over with fake smiles to request that you cut your trees down so they can have better views. When you do not agree, they become your worst nightmare, calling authorities if you ever make noise past 6pm, telling other neighbors you are not cooperating with the new regime. These people are ugly. And, we all know beauty comes from within. The city councils will deny business permits unless their palms are greased. The rich are prancing around with a sense of entitlement that is supported by the governing entities. It is disgusting. Where does one go when they have lived here all of their lives and own a home? I don't want to live here anymore, and if I go I know I will never return, not even to visit. If I knew where all of the cool people went I'd follow them. The city councils brag that they have made Marin one of the most desirable places in the world to live. I think they have taken a beautiful place and defiled it with their desire to bring the money in and get the have-nots out. I won't say I don't have money, but you wouldn't know I did if you saw me in whole foods, at sam's, or if you came to my house. There used to be an understatement here, and there used to be a mixture of classes that has been obliterated. I don't have maids or nannies, I don't use illegal labor, I don't drive an suv with a save the environment bumper sticker on it, and I don't have breast implants. I just don't fit in here anymore.
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