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The Opposite Sex

So, I meet up with an ex-coworker for drinks and appetizers after work last night. We sit at the bar order drinks, appetizers and notice the men congregated on one side smiling from ear to ear. Whatever.

We start catching up on our lives, laughing talking. The food arrives, yummy, Then this man around my friends age (late 50's) approaches us, puts his arms on the backs of our seats and begins his speech....

"i just have to get this off my chest, you are two very beautiful women" Sharon says to him, thank you, you have great taste. So the idiot continues on....he doesn't appear drunk or anything but make such a fool out of himself...he goes on and on and then disses my friend and says to me, not to exclude her, she is very beautiful but if I were younger and MY GIRLFRIEND WASN'T ABOUT TO SHOW UP, I would be all over you, you are so beautiful.........AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
I start to feel my face turn red. I don't know who I was embarrassed for, me, Sharon, or him or maybe it was the flock of men staring and watching.

After what seems like an eternity, the snake slithers over to his seat and this older woman walks in talking like Betty Boop and sits on this characters lap. OK. End of story.

MEN!!!! Pigs. I know not all men are like this but geez. This guy:

a)Thinks he can flirt and comment how he is crazy for a female years younger than a beautiful female HIS OWN F'N AGE.

b)He is doing this right before his girlfriend walks in.

c)as if he thinks he can interrupt a nice conversation for so long and not buy us drinks! just kidding.


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