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Well, today started out weird and I'm feeling down. I work in a company which is very small, very conservative, BORING, and all about the age of 40 except myself and a 21 yr old temp. Nobody talks to me. I'm a fish out of water.

So we have our IT outsourced and one of the guys, Don always talks to me, makes me laugh and treat me like a human. So, I've figured he seems to have a crush on me but no big deal. He's in his mid 50's or late 50's and makes comments to me like oh, you weren't born yet when......

Scott this morning pulls me aside and asks me if I have anyone to go the Green Day Concert with since they know I lead a pretty dull life. I do have my girlfriend to take with.

They don't know about David because David isn't exactly a boyfriend to me...a lover who never goes anywhere with me since he cannot handle his drinking and even though he says he loves me, I don't feel we are boyfriend/girlfriend. That's an entirely different nightmare.

Anyway, Scott says, oh he wanted to play matchmaker and fix Don and I up....


I'm going through my age thing again.

I hate being female. I hate being 30.
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Awww he sounds like a nice guy, just wants to see you happy. Sorry that things suck so mightly. I am going through my own work hell right now, sort of the same deal, no one worth talking to here.
Ever heard the song "Working 9 to 5"? I wonder if they worked that and had an hour lunch?

LOL, I'm buzzing from cough syrup!